Airline Management Technologies ALMT Oy

Airline Management Technologies ALMT Oy possesses extensive experience in aviation industry and provides a wide range of services including aircraft management and consultancy, maintenance, quality and airworthiness management, design modifications, flight operations, ground handling, training, hangar space and more. ALMT services provide aircraft owners and operators the assistance in creating a support structure which allows the customer to concentrate on key business while ALMT supervises different parties that work with the aircraft.



The main objective is that all services, particularly maintenance and flight operations are well planned and structured, and in accordance to requirements for the specific aircraft. It is essential to monitor that the resources are used in cost efficient way. All services are designed and agreed based on the customer’s request and current needs.


Finnish products are internationally renowned for their high quality and distinct design which are developed through careful dedication. Here again Finland offers unique opportunities and flexibility. Whether it is registration, hangar space, maintenance and operations, or security, for the new owner or an experienced one,

ALMT offers elegant solutions on all levels.